Q. What COVID-19 precautions will Instinct take for the 2021 season? 

Instinct will be limiting its membership to SoCal locals as well as only holding rehearsals when it is deemed safe to do so by the CDC or California government. During in-person rehearsals we will be enforcing social distancing and wearing masks. Any in-person activity will be held outdoors. Additionally, there will be select positions in the ensemble for performers who would like an all-virtual experience. 

Q. What circuits will Instinct be participating in for the 2021 season?

Instinct will not be participating in WGI, SCPA, or any other competitive circuits this season as a full ensemble due to our desire to be unrestricted in both content and time. While we wholeheartedly support any ensemble's decision to participate in these circuits, as well as applaud WGI and SCPA for offering safe and virtual performance opportunities, we feel that our 2021 production would benefit from a longer timeline. We will empower our members if they should choose to participate in a solo or small ensemble competition with WGI or any other available circuits and provide a platform for them to do so. 

Q. Can the Instinct staff help me with my solo or small ensemble piece for WGI, SCPA, or a different competitive circuit?

Absolutely! All of our members will have access to our staff as resources to assist them in preparing for competitions. Though the entire ensemble will not be participating in any circuits, we fully support any members that would like to compete so long as they are still able to fulfill their obligation to the team.

Q. How old do I have to be to participate?

Because of the nature of our youth arts program, membership is limited to students up to age 22. Students of all ages are welcome to submit an audition video.

Q. I feel I’m not at a point in my development where I’ll make the group just yet. Should I still audition?

Of course you should! Trust the process and give yourself permission to be in an environment that might be uncomfortable but is new and exciting. You’ll gain more experience and continue to build on your current skill sets for your future goals and endeavors!

Q. What if I want to march drum corps?

That’s great! We encourage Drum Corps participation. Most corps are flexible with the indoor activity. If needed, we’ll do what we can with communicating directly with the corps. Needless to say, keep an open line of communication between us as well as the corps. The most important thing is communication!

Q. What factors are taken into account for the auditions?

There are several factors taken into account for your audition. Your skill set and ability are factored in but so is your attitude and willingness to grow. Improvement throughout the process will also give insight to the staff on a performer’s potential.

Q. When and where does Instinct rehearse?

Schedules will be based around ensemble goals, recording dates, and member/staff availability. Please refer to our Calendar for our exact online and in-person rehearsal dates/times. Any in-person rehearsals and recording sites will be conducted at several Orange County locations. 

Q. How much is tuition?

The tuition for the 2021 season is $650, paid with a monthly payment from December - March. This covers staff, design, filming, uniforms and equipment.

Q. What if I have a financial situation that might prevent me from participating?

It is free to audition for the 2021 season. Once offered membership in our ensemble, we strongly encourage sponsorship from family, friends and outside sources. If you find yourself unable to make tuition payments, please email our admin team at adminstration@percussion.org. Instinct is a huge supporter in promoting equity in performance organizations, and we strongly believe that money should never limit your professional growth.

Q. In what ways could my family help out?

Uniform adjustments, Truck drivers, builders (wood & metal), cooks, etc. If you think you can help, e-mail us!